I got my Blur multiplayer beta code the …

I got my Blur multiplayer beta code the other day. Haven’t tried it yet but this review promises an interesting game!

Overall, it feels like a cross between Project Gotham Racing mixed with Mario Kart, with just a bit of the Burnout destruction mixed in.

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  1. Pyropuncher has posted a vid of him playing the Beta – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q83P4Zw55nI

    It looks good. I’m not really a fan of racing games because I’m even worse at them than I am at shooters. But I did enjoy Need for Speed Most Wanted and I’ve got another one on the Xbox….something Total Destruction – I forget. Anyway, if there’s loads of dirty playing and blowing stuff up then I’m into that, but Forza and F1 games…….ugh!

    1. Not bad, not bad at all! I used to be a fan of racing games, and even played some F1 game on the PC years years ago. The track layout buried itself in my mind so that when I watched F1 much later I got this sense of deja vu..

      Anyway, my favourite racing game of all time has to be Stunt Car Racer on the C64, even played it quite a bit on my mobile.

      Check out a not great video – I should record a game against the AI player. The roller coaster track gets very narrow when two cars are nudging each other!

      1. Stunt Car Racer is very different to Hard Drivin’! It’s an adrenalin rush, where (IMO) Hard Drivin’ was plodding along a road with a few twists and acrobatics thrown in 🙂

  2. Well, when it cost 50p a go compared to all the other games in the arcade which were 10-20p it was an adrenaline rush to stay on the track. The loop-the-loop…..weeeeeeeeeee crash and burn. That was always the benefit of home computer games, they didn’t break the bank and you could play them over and over.

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