Thank you for the reply. Just the fact that you aren’t aware of the problem is enough for me to dig into the code. I’ve never coded PHP a day in my life, but I’m quite familiar with ASP and I’m sure I could make sense of it, if its not something you have time to do.

I’m just stuck with one problem — my install no longer has the error. Unable to fix the problem after hours of trying, I simply removed everything, installed WP 3.0 (beta, using Multi-Site Network) and re-installed everything from scratch. 0.51 is working fine in that instance, so I’ll have to create a new VM with 2.9.2 and 0.51 to begin testing.

One quick question, to get started. You mention — “Using error_log() and wp_mail() to log events is fairly easy” — is this something that is provided by WP, and if so, is there a developer’s guide to WP somewhere, where all of these sorts of details are provided?

If you’re referring to the wp_config file adjustment:


I had placed this in my code originally, but wasn’t getting any errors (which I think I mentioned above in my post).