11 thoughts on “Put WordPress on the map

  1. I’m currently reading WordPress For Dummies and from what I could tell, WordPress MU is not for a few hundred blogs, but more like a few thousand. I wonder just how many people are using MU to power thousands of blogs at a time. Maybe it’s a pretty small number?

  2. I have seen this thing for awhile. First thought, it’s look cool but later I found myself somewhere else with 150KM distance from where I sit. And that is wrong indication. For the correct indication, it can show where is ISP I used.

  3. Roland – create an account there and from what I remember, you also tell it where you live. Then go to the WordPress page and click the “Stack it!” image. The map will update after a while.

    Jeffro2pt0 – you can use WordPress MU to host any number of blogs, not just thousands. Give blogs to all in your family!

  4. I so have no idea how to use this feature… but I am going to look it up now. I have 3 wordpress blogs and love adding new plug ins. 😀

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