Baby's first tooth

On Friday I felt Adam’s first teeth as he bit down on my small finger but they were still under the skin. This morning as he laughed in my arms I saw the tops of two tiny front teeth poking out of his bottom gum! And yes, baby teeth are sharp!

So, from what I can gleam online, we can expect the next teeth to appear in a few weeks time. Teething hurts though. To calm him down, we used the ever useful Calpol as well as two homeopathic products: Nelsons Teetha and Gumeze.

Despite the reservations I might have about homeopathic remedies I can recommend Teetha granules. A screaming crying baby transforms into a happy smiling baby within seconds. The packaging declares that, “each 300mg sachet contains 6c homeopathic potency of Chamomilla”. It also contains Xylitol, lactose and starch. 24 sachets cost €7.25. I’m not sure how that compares to the price of Bonjela and other products.

Gumeze is a liquid gel with a long list of homeopathic ingredients, including Chamomilla. It works, but I feel that Teetha works better.

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8 thoughts on “Baby's first tooth

  1. Ahh teething, always a painful time for baby and parents. Do you rember gripewater? Aparently it was an alcohol, something I never knew, so it gets the kid lashed so the pain does not matter so much.

    although an old remedy and probaly not the best thing to give a child, i can’t help but remember it and my nices, god they got quite very quickly. No wonder, they were prob hammered.

    hope all teeth appear quick and as painless as possible.

  2. I don’t remember it, but I’ve heard of it. That stuff is illegal now! I think it was the alcohol. It’s still for sale in the UK though.
    Rescue Remedy works great too, and that has a dose of drink in it. Even tastes like brandy to me.

  3. Another milestone!

    A few weeks with the pain caused by the abcess in my own tooth I ended up on the bonjela website. I was completely and pleasently surprised by the amount and quality of advice they have there. Not just about teething either.

    It is like an entire portal on how to raise a child.

  4. Nelson’s Teetha granules are fantastic – they really worked well for our second lad (the first one didn’t seem to have too bad a time). Typically, two or three minutes after loading him up with the stuff were all it took.

    Thankfully those days are over now.

  5. First baby teeth! Well done Adam.

    Donncha don’t blink what ever you do, or it will be the first day at school and you will wonder where the time has gone.

  6. Teetha is pretty amazing stuff. Worked on my first kid, and is working now on the second.

    I also have reservations about the homeopathic thing, but Teetha does work. I suspect it has more to do with the other ingredients than with the chamomile. after all – isn’t homeopathy supposed to be an ingredient that’s ridiculously diluted in water? Teetha is a solid, which means there is something else going on there…

  7. Aww, I remember my children’s first teeth…sign. That was a long time ago. Now you need to keep them clean with All Natural Tooth Chips – Soap for Teeth!!! They contain xylitol and essential oil for flavorings. We just released Orange Tooth Chips which kids love…

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