Someone in London loves my luggage

On my way out to San Francisco my luggage was delayed in London and in similar fashion, when I got into Cork Airport it was again delayed in London. For all I knew my luggage was lost! I wouldn’t mind except:

  • Once per trip is enough, please British Airways, keep track. It’s simply not fair.
  • My flight from San Francisco arrived at 1pm, flight to Cork was scheduled for 2:15pm. It’s cutting it a bit tight but I’ve been in this situation before and my luggage came through. How close before? Let’s just say we had to sprint from one terminal to another in Heathrow to catch the next flight!
  • My flight to Cork was delayed for over an hour. First the flight captain fell ill in Cork and had to be replaced, thus bumping the boarding time to 3:15pm, then we actually started boarding at 3:25pm, before waiting on the tarmac for at least 40 minutes because repairs and tests had to be made to the plane. I finally arrived in Cork at 5:20pm.

Don’t you think British Airways could have moved my luggage from one plane to another in 2 hours? Not a chance. Thankfully it was delivered this afternoon, almost 20 hours later by Aer Lingus staff.

I guess someone in British Airways has a fetish for luggage with pink and blue ribbons. Yes, I bet it was the ribbons.

5 thoughts on “Someone in London loves my luggage

  1. Must be the ribbons! Does this mean you’ll never visit us again? You should mail your luggage beforehand then you’ll only have yourself, camera and laptop to worry about!

  2. Andy , I think that was same story in June. The handling staff went on strike and it ended up that there was 6,000 bags that had to be processed but they couldn’t do them at LHR as they are at capacity with dealing with the daily dose of bags. So they put them in lorries and sent them to Italy to be processed !

    Donncha : did you have the planes with the On-Demand entertainment, I flew BA in June and it was great. Luggage made it through LHR (thankfully) both times but we were a bit anxious about it.

  3. Luggage shipped to Italy? That’s plane crazy! (groan!)

    I had the on-demand entertainment on the way out to San Francisco, but on the way back the choice of movies was really bad and the on-demand thing wasn’t available unfortunately. I slept and read a lot, when I could.

    Unfortunately my part of the plane was full of students. I think they might have been Spanish, but there were some Dutch kids too. As luck would have it, someone popular was sitting right in front of me and teenagers gathered around his seat babbling away in their high pitched voices while everyone else tried to get some sleep. Whoever was behind me wasn’t satisfied unless his knees were higher than his waist which made sitting down really comfortable for me at times, not.

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