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Someone in London loves my luggage

On my way out to San Francisco my luggage was delayed in London and in similar fashion, when I got into Cork Airport it was again delayed in London. For all I knew my luggage was lost! I wouldn’t mind except: Once per trip is enough, please British Airways, keep […]


Dvorak vs Malik at WordCamp on video

John Pozadzides has released the first video from WordCamp and it’s sure to be one that will interest many. John C Dvorak debates with Om Malik on the subject of Blogging vs Journalism. It’s hosted on and John has uploaded a high quality version there. I won’t embed it […]


Sunday Morning Wordcamping

Barry spoke at length about High Performance WordPress this morning, and Matt came on stage to introduce and summarise the main features of the new Hyperdb. If you missed it you’re definitely going to want to watch the video when it comes out. I certainly wouldn’t have guessed that Barry […]


Saturday morning at WordCamp 2007

WordCamp 2007 has just started and I’m there! Photos and posts are already appearing online and probably the best way to track them is by subscribing to the follow page’s feeds: Flickr’s wordcamp tag Google Blogsearch for WordCamp (url changed, order by date, not relevance) I’m posting photos to my […]


I'm in San Francisco, luggage is in London

Thanks BA, this is the second time I’ve flown to San Francisco, and it’s the second time my luggage has been delayed in London. Notice a pattern? Don’t you like my name? Grrr. My luggage is supposed to be delivered tomorrow night to the hotel, but i need to do […]


Have you completed your WordCamp registration?

Well, I’m off to San Francisco in a few days time for WordCamp and I’ll finally meet some of the newer members of the company. Actually, that would be almost half the company. Did I mention that Automattic is a rapidly growing organisation? Anyway, registration for WordCamp is now closed, […]


The WordCamp 2007 schedule is now online

The schedule is up for your perusal now. It’s a two day event this year on the 21st and 22nd of July with the highlight being the bbq lun.. uh, I mean, it’s all great. I’m looking forward to attending as many talks as I can and meeting people. I’m […]

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