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Ryanair Staff Give WordPress some lovin'

Oh yeah, a couple of Ryanair staff really love WordPress! Or maybe not. Jason Roe discovered that Ryanair’s website session handling isn’t 100% reliable. Click through to the voucher section, click back and suddenly the price of your flight is 0.00!


Unfortunately a few Ryanair staffers decided to take it upon themselves to chastise Jason for his blog post and took a dig at WordPress while they were at it.

You dont get a free flight, there is no dynamic data to render which is prob why you got 0.00. what self respecting developer uses a crappy CMS such as word press anyway AND puts they’re mobile ph number online, i suppose even a prank call is better than nothing on a lonely sat evening!!

Personally, I believe him about and the “dynamic data” which I presume is POST data, but they should handle these situations better. Their chief rival in Ireland, Aer Lingus show an “expired session” page at every wrong turn which is annoying but at least doesn’t lead me down the garden path of trying to buy tickets for €0.00!

Maybe Ryanair should hire Damien to give them a clue about how to play nicely online. Can’t see that happening though. They’d probably charge you €2+€5 credit card fee just to send them a refund request by tweet.

PS. Jason verified the IP addresses of the Ryanair staff. They were browsing blogs at work from their company’s designated IP range of to


Free Priority Boarding on Ryanair

We’re all used to being fleeced by Ryanair and Aer Lingus with their 5 Euro per person, per flight “credit card charge”, which in reality should amount to 2 or 3 Euro total, so sometimes you can’t help but smile when someone gets away with fooling them ..

Darran figured out a really easy way of getting priority boarding on a Ryanair flight. I’m sure it’ll work with any other carrier too, not that I’d be encouraging you to do anything illegal, especially in these hard-up times when Ryanair are possibly skimming on their fuel allowances.

Didn’t something similar happen in the US when a NY Times journalist modified his boarding pass?

PS. In all seriousness, it’s up to Ryanair to close this loophole. The barcode on the ticket should verify that the customer did in fact buy the “Priority Boarding” upgrade. It’s the most basic check any retailer should do. If you’re an online retailer using Paypal’s IPN service they stress again and again to check every little detail of the transaction.
Who knows how much Ryanair have lost because of their incomplete checks?

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Someone in London loves my luggage

On my way out to San Francisco my luggage was delayed in London and in similar fashion, when I got into Cork Airport it was again delayed in London. For all I knew my luggage was lost! I wouldn’t mind except:

  • Once per trip is enough, please British Airways, keep track. It’s simply not fair.
  • My flight from San Francisco arrived at 1pm, flight to Cork was scheduled for 2:15pm. It’s cutting it a bit tight but I’ve been in this situation before and my luggage came through. How close before? Let’s just say we had to sprint from one terminal to another in Heathrow to catch the next flight!
  • My flight to Cork was delayed for over an hour. First the flight captain fell ill in Cork and had to be replaced, thus bumping the boarding time to 3:15pm, then we actually started boarding at 3:25pm, before waiting on the tarmac for at least 40 minutes because repairs and tests had to be made to the plane. I finally arrived in Cork at 5:20pm.

Don’t you think British Airways could have moved my luggage from one plane to another in 2 hours? Not a chance. Thankfully it was delivered this afternoon, almost 20 hours later by Aer Lingus staff.

I guess someone in British Airways has a fetish for luggage with pink and blue ribbons. Yes, I bet it was the ribbons.


Ryanair 0wn Aer Lingus

Ryanair are making a bid for Aer Lingus! The former national carrier, Aer Lingus, went public a few days ago. Ryanair snapped up 16% of the company and are now offering “an all cash offer of €2.80 per share.”

I can just imagine the gnashing of teeth of Aer Lingus employees as they contemplate the cuts and cost savings Michael O’Leary would introduce!