Dear Flickr users. Here is a Flickr spammer who is also a photographer with 20 years’ experience who is writing these lines.

And here is an argument why spam happens at Flickr.

It is there, because you ARE there. You never supported any other start-up, since you received such a BIG and apparently POWERFUL tool as Flickr. You even bring your money to it. Many good sites wait for visitors, but

You didn’t even look for any substitute.

Some people HAVE to spam you for various reasons. It is life, after all.

It is easily done when you ARE all at one place.

Go elsewhere, support those who only begin and you will find out that the play was worth the candles.

When I register an account at Yahoo, it immediately offers me somebody’s emails to send a message to on the next page. Flickr belongs to Yahoo. They will pretend fighting spam, but in reality, they did everything to make spammer’s work easier at Flickr.