Linux Desktop Surprises

Well, I was in for a pleasant surprise when I tried to use a scanner at home last night!
Thank you Mel for the lend of the scanner, I plugged it into the usb port, navigated to the “Scanning Program” in the Graphics menu which fired up Xsane (the first time I’ve used it). It automatically detected the scanner and I had a preview within a few minutes. All without installing extra software, rebooting, fiddling, etc!
Next I went into the GIMP, as I remembered the “Acquire image” menu. That brought me back to Xsane, but after I scanned in the image it was “converted” into a GIMP image where I could dabble with it to my heart’s content!

Fedora Linux also comes with the Gnome Bluetooth Subsystem which did need a bit of fiddling around. From reading the above website I discovered the admin interface which let me scan for my phone. Unfortunately, I couldn’t pair with my phone even though both asked me for PIN numbers. I’ll stick with it as it looks neat when I can bring up my phone in Nautilaus through the “bluetooth:///” interface! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Linux Desktop Surprises

  1. Good Lord, with another few months hard work Linux might catch up with MacOS X 10.2 in terms of plug & play peripheral support.

    You guys keep on trying, you’ll get there…one day. ;-p

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