Squiggly Trees

What does one do on a freezing cold night? Go out with a tripod and take photos of trees!
I took this photo a week ago during a cold snap in the weather. I assembled my tripod on the corner of the street near my home and set it up for a 20 second exposure. Half way through the shot a man, his son and their dog passed. I *knew* something was going to happen and I was right. The dog’s lead got caught in the legs of the tripod but I had a good grip of it so the camera didn’t go flying out onto the road!
There was some movement and those squiggles across the picture are the result. I like it! 🙂



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  1. This is very nice. As your telling of the story progressed, I started to imagine this was a negative, and that the dark streaks were something like a lit cigarette which had intruded. It’s all very thought-provoking.

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