An Irishman in Georgia

Gavin is in Telavi in Western Georgia. Not the first place in the world I’d go on holiday, but he’s having an interesting time, including almost being arrested.

The naval base at Poti, where Russian soldiers destroyed most of Georgia’s navy


WP Plugin: Import your Flickr comments

I have had a plugin running on my photoblog In Photos for quite a while now that imports comments on my Flickr stream into my blog posts. It prefixed “Flickr:” to the username and linked back to the Flickr comment.

Due to overwhelming demand (two people asked!), I cleaned up the plugin a bit and put a configuration page on it and called it the Flickr Comment Importer. There are a few things to consider if you want to use this plugin but it’s straight forward to install and configure and it’s all documented on the plugin page.

Download it now!

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WP plugin: Flickr Blog This to draft post

Have you ever been annoyed when you blog a photo from Flickr and you wished the post had been saved as a draft instead of being published?

I’ve used Flickr to host the images on my photoblog from the first post there but this plugin should make it easier and less stressful to use. Every time I publish a photo through Flickr I have to rush to resave the post as a draft post before anyone notices all the extra line breaks or broken links. Add to that, I tag and categorise the post and it’s a frantic few minutes of editing.

The Flickr Blog This to Draft plugin for WordPress simply stops the publishing of blog posts from Flickr and saves them as draft posts.

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Is Flickr under attack by spam?

Has anyone else noticed an increase of spam comments on Flickr lately? I noticed my first spam comment there only last week, complained about it, and the comment and user were both deleted shortly afterwards. I thought nothing more of it.

This morning I got an unwelcome shock when I checked my Flickr comments through Bloglines. More spam comments. There’s a screenshot below. When I clicked through to the photos in question both comments had been deleted but later on another spam comment appeared and I now suspect any comment left by users with usernames starting with “a” with a mixture of upper and lower case characters and digits. Maybe it’s time they invested in an Akismet license for Thanks Lloyd for the reminder!

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Useful Uses Of RSS

Rich Ziade has listed a number of ways to use RSS more creatively than just reading news headlines from blogs.
One of my favourite non-blog rss feeds is the Flickr Interestingness photo feed which isn’t listed, but I’ll have to look up the comics feed mentioned above! 🙂