Fake as a fake thing. I’m with the boys who despair people are taken in and then use it to proclaim all Americans are intolerant idiots. Mr Hammond even has the cheek to go on about it in his autobiography ending in lecture about intolerance – but it was OK for them to go round insulting people by painting on the cars?
Reasons its fake:
1. People’s faces aren’t blanked out. Alabama has lawyers and police you know: someone could make a lot of money if they sued the BBC for wrongly portraying them on global TV.
2. Where do you find stones on a garage forecourt?
3. If you were an angry (so called) redneck with a gang of mates – why not step over and stick one on the limeys? Why throw some stones?
4. if you were in fear of your life would you wait to jump start an old cadillac?
5. Normally camera men can get shots in the middle of a war zone – but in this we can only get blurry shots of people running. A bit too much ‘blair witch’.
6. Mr Hammond talks about rednecks in stetsons chasing them. Rednecks wear baseball caps.
About the only thing real about Top Gear is Clarksons salary and Hammond’s time at the hairdressers.