Another reason to hate cats

Cats play rough, they like to be bad, they like to be slapped around a bit and they lap up the punishment! Watch this video and be convinced at the deviant ways of our feline pets. It’s disgraceful!

Of course I’m joking. I love cats and this video is so funny it made me laugh out loud. That cat really seems to be enjoying itself being slapped. A sadistic and masochistic cat perhaps? (via)

PS. the world would be a much quieter one without Youtube. Shudder.

5 thoughts on “Another reason to hate cats

  1. I think genrally people are dog lovers or cat lovers, there is no centre ground. I love all sorts of animals but I must say a cat is not the same affection as a dog.

    1. You think? Lets go over all of the affectionate traits, cats: Cuddling, staring into eyes and blinking slowly, purring, headbutting, licking, lovebiting, smooching, rolling on it’s tummy and of corse, needing (also known as making biscuits, ???) I think there is more too… Those are some of the ways cats show affection. I dont know what dogs do for affection besides cuddling and licking, but you should compare dogs affectionate traits to a cats affectionate traits and you’ll find there both the same affectionatism
      I love cats and I will never ever ever change my mind.

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