I’ve only ever seen the ‘download’ for WP occurring once on my home testing server (which was Debian testing + apache2). This actually occurred after going from testing to unstable for me.

It’s usually due to either missing libapache2-mod-php4, a php4 package missing due to a conflict resolution during the upgrade, or an Apache conf file that has been overwritten by dkpg/ apt-get. I now have a Ubuntu Hoary box that acts as my linux workstation and server..

Firing up aptitude, and doing a search against “php” will cycle through the various php packages. It’s quite possible during the upgrade, something got broken (due to conflict resolution), so it is worth checking you have all the required packages.

Simply replacing Apache 2 with 1.3 won’t fix the issue (by itself) as you will also need to install all the apache 1.3 associated php packages as well.