What Canon Lens?

Looking around for a zoom or telephoto lens. Very confused. I have a lot to learn. I’m on a budget so this Sigma DC 4-5.6/55-200 C/AF looks like a good compromise between price and performance.
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  1. It looks like a good lens (I wonder what direction its zoom ring rotates – some Sigmas turn the opposite way). Certainly the price is right as well.

    But at these focal lengths, which a smaller than 35mm sensor would increase even more, consider if you do not need an image stabiliser. I do not have any SLR IS lens πŸ™ , but you can appreciate what image stabilisation does even on Powershot S1 IS – a budget priced digicam with 10x zoom + IS.

    Cheapest Canon IS lens I could find is Canon EF USM 4,0-5,6/75-300 IS. In techdirect at 481.-

  2. Panasonic DMC-FZ5 is quite similar to the Canon S1 IS – slightly more zoom, more Mpix. But both of these things you usually don’t use to the extremes.

    Canon on the other hand has a LCD screen that you can tilt and turn – allowing to take pictures from angles otherwise difficult to master. πŸ™‚

    Alex – 28-135 IS might be a good lens. Did not know there is IS lens at that range. Though if you look at zoom/prime comparisions like http://www.tawbaware.com/canon_lens_test2.htm – you want to have only prime lenses πŸ˜‰

  3. What model camera do you have? I’m skeptical of the Sigma lenses after talking to a Pro Shop owner. He said that they didn’t pay licensing to Canon and instead reverse engineered the connections. As a result, there have been reports that they will lock up the Digital Rebels. I don’t have all the details, and haven’t really tracked down any verification, but it definitely made me “gun shy.”

    That FZ5 looks pretty cool, but for the same price I picked up the Canon EF 75-300mm IS USM. I’d love something as capable as the FZ5 as a “secondary” camera, but I don’t think I could sacrifice the flexibililty of SLR for it.

    I like the look of the 28-135mm IS, but after playing around with my 50mm f/1.8, I am getting hooked on the feel of a prime. So I might start looking at the 28mm f/2.8 as my next instead.

    P.S.(I can’t believe I actually understood everything I just said.)

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