Sad to notice that Michael passed away. Was just using Google Earth to go down memory lane in Ireland, and went further online Googling for people I knew when we owned Ard Carraig and visited Ardmore/Ireland frequently years ago (seems ages ago now). Michael always looked us up when we were in Ard Carraig. I remember one time we were fixing a part of the roof, and Michael wanted to help us out. At that time he was a volunteer for the Ardmore Fire department, so he told . This was next to his daily job as a post office employee. And as we were working with gas burners, Michael came with an old fireman’s helmet and coat, and had some buckets with water at hand, just in case we were not careful enough. Well we knew Michael was around……… because with a high toned voice he was giving instructions how, when and where we could use the gas burner, making it virtually impossible for us to get the job done. That’s when we decided to call it a day, and get a cup of tea with Michael. The next day, we woke up early, and fixed the roof as fast as we could before Michael came down ;-).
Yes, Michael Mansfield……….. a household name in Ardmore for all his eccentricities but mainly for his friendly warm and welcoming manner – a true mascot of Ardmore indeed.