I traveled to Ardmore during a visit to Ireland from new York expressly to visit with Michael Mansfield only to learn that he had passed away last spring. We loved and admired him very much and I sent him a video tape of the time we spent with him in 2003. We met him at the St.Declan church site and wound up spending the rest of the day and well into the night with him. He was a great host and very willing partner in any number of silly antics involving his old motor cycle. Michael had us dress up in Army jackets and old helmets with sprigs from his hedge stuck in their bands and we rode all over town singing songs and carrying on like a bunch of kids. We then sat in his kitchen and had some tea and a few shots of whatever he had on hand. He showed us his shortwave radio, turned it on used his moniker to see if any of his pals were listening at the time. He will be sorely missed by me and many others.
Mike O’Brien