Ardmore Village and Round Tower

Following on from Frank’s suggestion a few days ago I took a trip down to Ardmore yesterday!
Alas, I have a sorry tale to tell, my trusty Sony 717 camera may have shot it’s last photo. It now sees nothing but black and I’ll have to inquire about getting it fixed. Missed the beautiful sunset later of a blazing red ball of flame setting over Youghal later too! *sob*

23 thoughts on “Ardmore Village and Round Tower

  1. I go to Ardmore every year because We have a holiday home there.Isn’t that cool?!!!!!

  2. ly this year we got a letter to say that the park was closing and given 3 months notice after 18years to get our mobile off the site. We were angry, and hurt to think that after all this time this could happen. We have four children who have grown up and spent every summer here. We are heartbroken and are left with no where to go. It just cant be right that people can do this and get away with it. Does loyalty to past clients and friends now not mean anything anymore or is it just money.uS

  3. In case you have not heard, there is a meeting in the Park Hotel in Dungarvan on Sunday next at 2.30. All people currently with mobiles in Powers should attend

  4. hi,
    i’m trying to contact people with mobile homes in Power’s to do a nostalgic piece for one of the dublin papers on the many years spent there by generations of families. you can post a reply here and i’ll get back to you asap.. we’re aiming to do the piece for this sunday’s paper so i’d need to be talking to people by tomorrow (wednesday 25th may) or thursday latest.
    thanks, Catherine Murphy.

  5. It is a shame and disgrace that people can be treated in this despicable way having spent so much time and money in an area they love. This country has no protection for it’s citizens. I have heard of this happening for some considerabel time now and still nothing has been done to correct it.
    I sincerely hope you have some success. How much longer do you have to leave your homes on site.
    Good Luck

    1. I don’t understand the mention of _______ and park tactics? ____________ manufacture mobile homes and don’t own any sites in the country, they wouldn’t have anything at all to do with parks closing and residents being thrown off – it is awful what is happening in Ardmore.

      1. hi, can i ask what’s happening at the park now? I’m a journalist who tried to cover the proposed sale two years ago…. thanks, C Murphy.

  6. Sorry to change the subect but I’m native of Ardmore and would would just like to comment on the photographs. It’s really nice when you see an interesting and beautiful photograph of a person or a place that is dear to you. Some great shots there, well done.

  7. Hi,

    Can anyone that has a site on Power’s contact me at 01 4792449 or mark.tighe(at)

    I want to talk to someone who is affected by the sale of the site.


  8. Mark,

    I wonder could you give me an update on the sale of this site? I do not own a mobile home but have had an offer to buy one down there and need to know if I would have to move it?



  9. Just a note to say that’s actually my Uncle Michael Mansfield in the photo on the bike. He’s a household name in Ardmore for all his eccentricities but mainly for his friendly warm and welcoming manner – a true mascot of Ardmore.

    I met him only last night as his sister (my paternal grandmother) is close to passing away and we were all around her in prayer.

    I just happened to look up photos of ardmore on google, as it is an emotional time for us and we were travelling down memory lane, only to find his quirky grin smiling back at me. You’ve certainly cheered up my day and i hope you continue to frequent Ardmore’s humble shores.

    Carmel Reidy

    1. Carmel,
      I traveled to Ardmore during a visit to Ireland from new York expressly to visit with Michael Mansfield only to learn that he had passed away last spring. We loved and admired him very much and I sent him a video tape of the time we spent with him in 2003. We met him at the St.Declan church site and wound up spending the rest of the day and well into the night with him. He was a great host and very willing partner in any number of silly antics involving his old motor cycle. Michael had us dress up in Army jackets and old helmets with sprigs from his hedge stuck in their bands and we rode all over town singing songs and carrying on like a bunch of kids. We then sat in his kitchen and had some tea and a few shots of whatever he had on hand. He showed us his shortwave radio, turned it on used his moniker to see if any of his pals were listening at the time. He will be sorely missed by me and many others.
      Mike O’Brien

      1. Thanks Mike. My dad will be glad to hear the good words. I’ll pass them on to Michaels “special friend” Catherine too. She was very close to Michael and loved him dearly.

    2. Back in 2006 We, (a bunch of bikers from England) after noticing old bikes, peered over Michael’s garden wall. Michael invited us in and delighted in talking with us and showing us his bikes along with collection of period clothing which he insisted on us putting on. What a nice person he was. We will always have the memory of meeting him.

  10. Sad to notice that Michael passed away. Was just using Google Earth to go down memory lane in Ireland, and went further online Googling for people I knew when we owned Ard Carraig and visited Ardmore/Ireland frequently years ago (seems ages ago now). Michael always looked us up when we were in Ard Carraig. I remember one time we were fixing a part of the roof, and Michael wanted to help us out. At that time he was a volunteer for the Ardmore Fire department, so he told . This was next to his daily job as a post office employee. And as we were working with gas burners, Michael came with an old fireman’s helmet and coat, and had some buckets with water at hand, just in case we were not careful enough. Well we knew Michael was around……… because with a high toned voice he was giving instructions how, when and where we could use the gas burner, making it virtually impossible for us to get the job done. That’s when we decided to call it a day, and get a cup of tea with Michael. The next day, we woke up early, and fixed the roof as fast as we could before Michael came down ;-).
    Yes, Michael Mansfield……….. a household name in Ardmore for all his eccentricities but mainly for his friendly warm and welcoming manner – a true mascot of Ardmore indeed.

  11. Hi All I have noticed that you have no photos from Garreth Foley one of the farmers of Ardmore and a man with a keen eye. I have a few photos that he sent me and i like to put them up on this site can anyone advise he would be so proud.

  12. We visited the graveyard adjoining the ruins of St. Declan’s Cathedral on our trip to Ardmore. The view from there out to sea and over the local town and beach is glorious!

    The first time I visited here in 2005 I slipped while taking photos, my camera hit the ground hard and something broke inside it. Luckily I didn’t drop my camera this time, even though I did slip again. Only my leg was hurt but I kept my balance and stayed upright.

    I found an informative walk through video made in the graveyard you should watch.


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