Fire units battling Cork city blaze

I just heard on IRC that there’s a fire in Blackpool! I looked out the window but didn’t expect to see anything as we’re more than 8 6.25 miles (Thanks Christian!) away here in Ballincollig…

Fire in Blackpool

4 thoughts on “Fire units battling Cork city blaze

  1. Where the heck are you living, it’s 10.odd KM not 6.odd Miles!

    Do you measure height in hands and minor distances in furlongs as well? ;-P

  2. Aziraphal was talking about a mushroom cloud being visible: This might explain a bit then !

    Oh … Mark, some of us were born before metric measurements came in … I know I certainly am more comfortable with inches, feet, yards, furlongs, miles etc. than I am with mm, cm, m, km etc.

  3. i think some ov those comments were uncalled for ,,, they are hard working people who need praise not agro !!!!,,,, you try doing there job

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