10 thoughts on “We want your soul!

  1. i checked out the site and it said somthing about the server didn’t go through. wwys is obviously a joke..and a freaky one at that. no-one’s going to sell thier soul to the internet!

  2. Please notice on the questionnaire that the only religious body enquired about is Christianity and then asked if you are baptized. Why do you think that it? Obviously because there is greater value attached to a christian. Don’t be fooled people your soul is priceless anyone trying to buy it has to be up to mischief.

  3. Yes it is against God’s word and your soul is the most priceless possession you have and if you could sell your soul that way then I would say don’t do it. However, this site is so obviously satire.

    Besides, the soul cannot simply be harvested from your physical genetics, and the devil likely doesn’t have the power to go around sucking the human soul out like that. If the Bible doesn’t mention it then that’s that, so before you go falling for this perhaps you should check God’s word to see if it mentions any fancy soul-sucking devices first. And if your soul gets sucked out of your human body then it’s all over you don’t live on just being your human body.

    So sorry folks but if you want to sell your soul you’ll have to do it the old fashioned way. Follow a path of sin, refuse God’s gift of salvation, not repent and keep on following your own sinful desires till it leads to your own destruction. And though I REALLY advise that you not follow through with that I really think that people shouldn’t take this stupid site so seriously.

  4. you guys are all retards this website is not real… the only way to sell your soul is to go down to the crossroads 9 consecutive days in a row before midnight… Papa Legba (the devil, satan, lucifer) what ever the fuck you wanna call them… if you wanna play the axe then bring your guitar and strum a number… on the 9th day just before the sun rises a “black man” will come up to you, some say that he only tunes your guitar some say he plays it… but once he gives it back you will be able to play anything… same with dice or dancing or what ever the hell else you would want to do… the most common refrence to this is where the southern meets the dawg and where routes 61 and 49 intersect in mississippi you can bargin your soul… is it right no… but what ever gets you off at night…

    1. your right in a way they are retarts but you need to stop watching to much television
      crossroad is just a make believe story
      it dont exist that crossroad dont exists whos the retart now your just as bad as they are if you believe that crossroads exist to meet a rock guitar player in the middle of nowhere
      and compete against each other for your soul

  5. this is not real..just trying to play with peoples minds.if you believe in jesus than you would never think about sellin your soul.its not worth eternal damnation..
    jesus loves you and will forgive you for anything..believe in him and he will be there by your side always..he is the true bread winner…
    give JESUS your soul…..

  6. Ha! Jebus wouldn’t know what to do with it…….Give Zillatron your soul and go back to bed America……

  7. interesting how people bring the word of god into anything that has to do with your inner being entity soul what ever you want to call if if that be the case god granted us the power of free will and are soul as a prize to show for it the bible has been translated so much there is no telling what it actually said for a fact (king james was a catholic lol and converted because he wanted divorce so therefor he rewrote and molded some of the book himself the way he see fit now in saying that it would seem that logically there is no telling what corrupt men had a wack at translating the thing this day and age the time is ripe people are insolent fools and would sell their soul for a bag of chips if they were hungry rather than work for it or find a means to make something happen

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