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Ford Sportka | The Evil Twin

I saw this short film at on “The Panel” on Network 2 the other night. Unfortunately, the site is an awful flash site. To watch the “Evil Twin” movie, click on “View Highlights”, and then click on “Clip one”. It’s a tiny box, and I can’t see any download link for a sane version.
Update! That site is gone, but you can get the Ford Sport Ka ads here: – just scroll down a little. Thanks Brian for getting that!
Here’s a lot more info about the advert. Good read.

By Donncha

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99 replies on “Ford Sportka | The Evil Twin”

BASTARDS!!!!! How can you laugh with the misery of a cat even if it is not real the AD is disgusting like YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why don’t you kill yourself? you don’t deserve to share my planet!!!!!!!!!!

comment BASTARDS!!!

FUCKING BASTARDS i will KILL YOU ..Don’t Worry..I found you

Somebody needs to take their Ritalin.To threaten to murder a fellow human over a DIGITAL CAT suggests a seriously unbalanced personality.

And whomever you are…no worries..I don’t think ANYONE *SHARES* *YOUR* world…..

Your planet? Hahahahaha…dumbass. “OMFG KILL YOURSELVES ILL KILL U I FOUND U.” And last I checked it generally takes longer than a minute and a half for people to leave a comment.

As for the ad — wtf?! Is that a real ad? Sick.

I Wish I owned that car… Or would my dog been Jealours??
It is a fact there are more cars who can kill cats than dogs.. 😉

I would like for whomever came up with this sicko ad to crawl up on top of my car, stick their head in in my moonroof, and let ME push the button!!! It would give me great pleasure to do the honors!!! Say, you wouldn’t happen to be kin to Otis Toole would you….?

it may ave been been fake but it was still pretty disgusting. Nothing to make a huge deal out of but tiny kids probly c it and it would probly be terrible for them.

hmm what the fuck are you talking about…i thought the cta commercial was pure genius…and it wasnt real …Damn! now i have to go find a cat and kill it…fucking shut up im not really going to, the fuckers just annoy me…but it was still brilliant…i wanted the car the moment i saw it…

O My God…that was the most evil comercial i have ever seen…even if it is fake its still disterbing as hell….ford…you are sick…demented…evil sonsofbitches…rot in hell….

Fucking forda they all are probely some fucking dogpersons that deserve to die.It should have been a dog who got his head cut off right now iam gonna go out and kill a dog coz this commercial thanks for you forda hope you are happy now! you just kill a dog

these ads are wot we need to break the ‘political correct, nanny state’ sheisters of this country. more ads please very funny…!

Almost made me want to buy a ford. I have driven one of those ka things, utter shite. Cats are vermin and should be treated as such, now, let me get back to putting fish hooks in cat food…

I’ve seen this commercial for the first time a few days ago. I’ll tell you, I’m a cat person, but I still think that was the funniest commercial I’ve ever seen. I know that it’s a sick, demented, brilliant ad, I also know that it’s digital. Not a drop of blood.

Now why do people start talkin’ about killing a dog because of this commercial?

Reading those messages makes me think this car company could benefit from choosing several of you idiots to be decapitated in their next advert. Any of you who look around the world today and applaud even MORE violence, well, you have nothing functioning in your head anyway.

Yes, that is a sick, disgusting commercial, and I shudder to think what kind of demented person would find that funny in even the slightest. But all you people who are freaking out over it, saying you’re going to go kill a dog now or whatever, you are all WAY over reacting.

I am a cat lover, and people who think that was funny should be beaten their brains out! Even its not real its disgusting. Just as disgusting as those people who made it.
I REALLY hate people who think animal cruelty is funny!
Those people should get a serious examination of their brain!

my god u people are sad sayin ur gonna kill a dog coz of dis its a fukkin advert not real its not liike because they done this advery they hate cats u people need a fukkin life rather that wastin ur time complainin bout fings dat dnt even matter. im 17 ands im tellin u pricks to grow up and go complain about sumit worth complainin about or even better sumit dats REAL!

not funny. not clever. not an inspiration for anything except all of the rather violent blog responses. this and all of the all-too-real clever graphics are only successful in their ‘realness’ and shocking bad taste. ok i am a cat-adorer, but it would only be funny if a human had their head in there…since we are the turd-brains with free will. *sign* what a sicko world- I am sad for the gullible (this includes children). small wonder the social world is going to hell in a handbasket.

Get over yourselves – it’s FAKE!!! For God’s sake – get a life. And for all you “OMG! it should be a HUMAN in there and not a poor little kitty” people, you need to get your priorities straight. I love cats – either as pets or on a bun (dog’s pretty good in either case too). So what!

Get over yourselves and get over the advert. It’s fake – it was clever – MOVE ON!!!


Thats SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO funny.. even better then the one where it kills the pigeon.

Cats rule i got 3 but if i see a cat even take a look at my car ill shoot em off..

(dogs own more tho :D) and for all you stupid fucking tree huggers… YOU SUCK go suck off a goat or something else you think is usefull.. this as owns.. and id buy a sportka just for the ad!

Odd how most of the animal lovers are quick to put humans in the picture to get mangled. Proves my point . . . animal lovers, for the most part, have bassackwards priorities.

My dad showed me the cat one, the pigeon one and even the one how the cat get’s stuck on the fan. Just like him to find something like those amusing. I must get that from him. 🙂

I am a conservationalist and I abhor this sort of unnecessary cruelty to small wee furry animals even if they are from a species known for their overall nastiness and cruelty to fellow species…they are so good at sucking my dick I dont want to see them lost to mankind

i am paying 50k for my car, if an animal jumped on it…id kill it. then display its innards for the other animals to see

If they killed a person, no one would take a second look. The pigeon was a puppet (read here:, and the cat was all digital.

In fact, the cat advert was ‘allegedly’ leaked to the internet, and was never meant for public exhibition. Ford denies approving it (, and says that it was leaked by a member of the advertising firm that designed it. Of course, Nokia did the same thing with the commercial of the cat spinning around while attached to a ceiling fan ( I don’t have any info about that advert, but I know the two Ford spots were fake.

I didn’t really care for the cat decapitation video, but the pigeon video was great. More like self-defense, haha.

If anyone wants to kill me, email me and I can give you my address. I’m bored…

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