"A pregnant goldfish is called …

“A pregnant goldfish is called a twit.” According to Vodafone anyway..

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This is also what I was taught at school by the nuns and also by my father when I was a very young child. A pregnant fish is a TWERP

Right. Comment 3 – you are an imbecile. You can’t even spell ‘surgeon’!!! Does anyone even realise that goldfish don’t GET pregnant? They lay eggs! Read the Straight Dope article that comment 4 cites.

None of the children knew who aslan was, the thought of an impregnated goldfish bearing the mantle of high preist of narnia worried them somewhat.

But not edmond. Oh no, never edmond!!

How can you call someone an imbecile for not knowing how to spell surgeon when you can’t spell realize? Are you kidding me?

I don’t know what is more interesting about you; the fact that you spelled “realizeâ€? wrong or the sad fact that you truly believed you were right? I’m going to go with the second option. The fact that you think you are right is the more pathetic of the two options in that this is now a very media centered world. Let alone could you have, well. (A), looked online, (maybe, or maybe, a dictionary itself), which unfortunately you do not own one or maybe you would know this phenomenon called American English? It is unfortunate that you did not think of these options before you posted such an amazingly dense comment. In time, I will hope that my comment helped you. Now, as you flip through a dictionary, or maybe even set out to, where you will find to your dismay that you can not spell realize, I hope in the future you will keep your stupidity to yourself.

Actually, the only stupidity that should be kept away from others here is YOURS. While “realize” is the accepted American spelling, you are the one who started showing your stupidity by saying “realise” is wrong and then your post just got denser and denser. You even mention “American English” but then are too stupid to realise that it implies that there is another kind of English. International English, as spoken and written by people in all English-speaking countries except the USA.
“Realise” is MORE CORRECT than “realize”. While English purists will condemn the American spelling, both forms are acceptable.
Your stupidity is not in spelling it with a “z”, it’s in condemning the other spelling as wrong just because you don’t know any better.
For the record, the origin of the word is from the French “realiser”. Notice it has an “s” in it.
Yes, I know this post is a bit late, but posts are basically forever and we don’t want other idiots to fall into the same trap.

Jenny: Clearly you are American and don’t REALISE that for hundreds of years before your country was settled by Europeans – and you promptly broke a perfectly working language – English was spelled, funnily enough by the English.

*American English* may spell the word realize but the British spelled it realise hundreds of years before you.

Case closed.

goldfish arent really pregnant. they have a bulge on one side of their body where their egg sac is. Once they are sexually mature they will always have this awkward bulge. I dont know exactly how long they have the eggs untill they release them but i know that the male goldfish will bump into the female goldfish at the start of the summer. Most breeders try to make them wait till May so that there wont be any cold periods that kill the fry. However, fish may start mating as early as march. once the eggs are released they attach to some plant and the male passes over it and releases its sperm. Actually the funny thing is any fish (not just male goldfish) can fertilize goldfish eggs. the eggs hatch very quickly in a matter of days because the parents do not protect them and may even eat them. the hatched fry will develop over the summer. It takes about two years for them to become sexually mature themselves.

I myself am in the fish business, or should i say the business of fish! Goldfish, to my my knowledge, have a gestation period of exactly several weeks. No more, no less. So BE READY! You don’t want your fish fish popping all over your tank or all the others will gobble gobble a plenty yay! And that won’t do. Because they will all die, baby fish die when they get eaten. I know that for a fact, i’ve seen it first hand. I hope that answers all the above questions and debacle.

Make sure you check everywhere in the tank for eggs. Do it every week, depending on how many females you have, you may just be killing a lot of spawn.



okay…this was no help…i wanted to know how long a gold fish was pregnant for…not what people think…if you say you know how long then answer it don’t lie!!!!!!!!

they are “pregnant” for a few days at a time, i have seen a fish spawn (lay) every 4 days for several weeks

hey i have 2 goldfish and one fish stomach looks bigger than the other fish in the tank what does that mean!

hello i have i gold fish and some other tipes of fishes.i like to know how i can know is they are male and female please help me out here my name is jenny,if you have my answers leave a reply with my name like this :JENNY_- So i could know if that reply is fore me THANK YOU!

‘realise’ is spelt ‘realise’ in ENGLISH ENGLISH YOU ignorant poon, and we were here first!follow the rules…simpleton

I like reading what everyone posted so far. I like the badger over the varying forms of English…interesting!

And I get that a gold fish with its eggs in its sac is called a certain name, but the fish is not really pregnant because female fish really lay eggs which the male fish fertilizes.

Hmnmmm, thanks based on y’all answers and my Biology classes, I think I have the answer.

A real name for pregnant goldfish is TWERP… I had that question on vSide, and that is the answer…

you fish peeps are still awake at 2 AM!!!

prahaps sleep would be more fun then talking about FISH!!

lol this is so funny. just had an argument on what “Twerp” meant and I googled it, and was like OMG hahahah soo funny…took a min to sink in

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