Actually, the only stupidity that should be kept away from others here is YOURS. While “realize” is the accepted American spelling, you are the one who started showing your stupidity by saying “realise” is wrong and then your post just got denser and denser. You even mention “American English” but then are too stupid to realise that it implies that there is another kind of English. International English, as spoken and written by people in all English-speaking countries except the USA.
“Realise” is MORE CORRECT than “realize”. While English purists will condemn the American spelling, both forms are acceptable.
Your stupidity is not in spelling it with a “z”, it’s in condemning the other spelling as wrong just because you don’t know any better.
For the record, the origin of the word is from the French “realiser”. Notice it has an “s” in it.
Yes, I know this post is a bit late, but posts are basically forever and we don’t want other idiots to fall into the same trap.