62 thoughts on “"A pregnant goldfish is called …

  1. as i am a highly qaulified peadophile i know that a pregnant goldfish is called a twat… and anybody who disputes this is a twat

  2. I’ve been reading all of this and wondering, “why am I wasting my time?”
    And just to let you all know, a pregnant goldfish is called a twerp. Also, the typical goldfish has live birth with an actual baby goldfish. Koi fish and others like them lay eggs. This, I know, because a good friend of mine breeds Koi and goldfish. So, dispute settled regarding the goldfish. The other dispute regarding spelling and such, well…..continue to debate. There are differences in many countries regarding spelling. Get over it. It’s not life or death. It’s local diction and spelling. Really, people. Wow.

  3. Oh my god. That Jenny person was being such a grammar nazi and was so up her own arse. And yet so she completely contradicted herself all over that post and will never be able to notice the error of her ways :////

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