I don’t know what is more interesting about you; the fact that you spelled “realizeâ€? wrong or the sad fact that you truly believed you were right? I’m going to go with the second option. The fact that you think you are right is the more pathetic of the two options in that this is now a very media centered world. Let alone could you have, well. (A), looked online, (maybe, dictionary.com or maybe, a dictionary itself), which unfortunately you do not own one or maybe you would know this phenomenon called American English? It is unfortunate that you did not think of these options before you posted such an amazingly dense comment. In time, I will hope that my comment helped you. Now, as you flip through a dictionary, or maybe even set out to http://www.dictionary.com, where you will find to your dismay that you can not spell realize, I hope in the future you will keep your stupidity to yourself.