news:// hasn't …

news:// hasn’t got a feed for at the moment. Can anyone suggest a news site they can feed off/post to? Mail Redhound at if you can help!
I just found out about a multi-platform demo available at I haven’t tried it yet but it compiles and runs on: Amiga (68k/PPC), BeOS (PPC/x86), Linux x86 and MSDOS. It should work on any platform with an ANSI-C compiler. Source code and binaries for the above platforms available at the above site! A big thank you to Juhapekka “Jiipee” Tolvanen who runs the “Linux Penguin Sticker Movement Official Homepage” at for telling me about the demo.
Seems like the Beginners Linux Guide has gotten off to a flying start after being mentioned on Freshmeat. Cool job Owen! 🙂

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