Skyrim is pretty good and on PC you…

Skyrim is pretty good and on PC you can use mods to change things around. skyrim nexus appears to be a good place to get those mods and I’ve tried a few:

Edit: two articles on being a battlemage and a followup article.

5 thoughts on “Skyrim is pretty good and on PC you…

  1. I wish I’d got this on PC for various reasons. I did have the pc version but within 5 mins of buying it took it back and switched to the xbox version (more money for a start) for things like the mods etc etc.

    Skyrim FTW!!!!!

  2. A great place for screenshots is Valtheim Towers. It’s east from Whiterun – swim down the river and it’s the two towers with the bridge between. There is a chair at the top of one where you can sit and watch the sun rise and set. The views from both are amazing.

    I’ve called it completed at 270 hours. Nothing left to do – except make another character and play it differently which I started last night.

  3. I’m 16 hours in and getting a little bored or overwhelmed perhaps. I don’t have the motivation to learn spells and craft stuff and I’m wondering if I should be spending more time enchanting stuff and reading up on spells.

    I’ve been harvesting flowers all over the place for ages and only pressed enter on one last night and figured it has some sort of protection against frost. Thistle I think it was.

    I should read about this stuff I guess!

    1. I got fed up with Magic and did one Alchemy to get the trophy. I enchanted once for the same thing. So after trying a few things I put all my points into Archery and Sneak. But like the manual says the more you play the more points you get for how you play so the game gets stronger in the areas you use.

      Just feel free to wander anywhere and ignore quests. You’ll find dragons and shouts easy enough.

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