WP Super Cache 1.4

WP Super Cache version 1.4 is out now. This release finally removes the mfunc, mclude and dynamic-cached-content tags as I warned about three months ago. If your site uses that dynamic cached content functionality do not upgrade yet. There is a replacement dynamic cached content system but it’s not compatible so you’ll need to update […]

The shiny new dynamic content in WP Super Cache

Edit: There’s a small bug in WP Super Cache 1.4.2 in the file dynamic-cache-test.php. Grab the development version instead. The documentation in the filehas been updated too. Copy the new file into wp-content/plugins/wp-super-cache/plugins/. With the next release of WP Super Cache in a day or two the long awaited move away from mfunc, mclude and […]

mfunc in WP Super Cache 1.4 and beyond

WP Super Cache is a full page caching plugin for WordPress. It creates static pages that are served quickly by the web server. Sometimes however, users still want parts of their pages to remain dynamic and be non static. That’s where mfunc, mclude and dynamic-cached-content came in. Security Unfortunately it was reported recently that remote […]

A cache directory is a temporary directory

WOAH! Do not put symlinks to your uploaded files in a temporary cache directory. Nginx users running WordPress should beware if they followed these instructions and put a symlink to uploaded files in the wp-content/cache/ directory. I’m going to rewrite that page right now suggesting they use a different directory, possibly wp-content/uploads/ or maybe wp-content/files/. […]

WP-Super-Cache: bug fixing and PHP object destruction

If you use the WPTouch mobile plugin, or the preload function in my caching plugin, or noticed that annoying but random and (thankfully) rare “front page isn’t showing my front page” bug then you might like to try the development version of WP-Super-Cache located on this page. Mobile plugins need to tell WP Super Cache […]


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