WP Super Cache 1.4

WP Super Cache version 1.4 is out now. This release finally removes the mfunc, mclude and dynamic-cached-content tags as I warned about three months ago.

If your site uses that dynamic cached content functionality do not upgrade yet. There is a replacement dynamic cached content system but it’s not compatible so you’ll need to update your themes and helper plugins. It’s not difficult but there’s a lot to take in. I hope the example plugin and explanation in that post gets you most of the way there.

If you don’t use mfunc and it’s friends then you should upgrade immediately and it should be painless.

This release also has a few bug fixes and other features. It will now try to repair broken installs after a site migrates. It will update the wp-config.php and rebuild wp-content/advanced-cache.php. It will also delete tags and category cache files when a post publish status changes.

4 thoughts on “WP Super Cache 1.4

  1. I am using Super Cache and I am using the preload option. I have it set to 8 days. So, that means that every 8 days the entire site cache is dumped and is recached again? If so, what if the site caches and then the next day I make a change to one of my pages, I change an image or something, then will I have to wait for the cache time to expire (7 days in may case) before people will see that page change? Will I have to dump the cache for the entire site to get that page to update or is there a way to remove the cache just for that one page that I updated?

    1. Yes, your whole site will be preloaded every 8 days but if a change is made to any page then the cached files for that file are deleted so they can be refreshed the next time a visitor looks at it.

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