WP Super cache 1.1

This is a bugfix release of the full page caching plugin WP Super Cache for WordPress.

Not much has changed in the week or so since I asked for testers but in case you missed that post here are the changes since 1.0:

  • Use $_SERVER[ ‘SERVER_NAME’ ] to create cache directories. No more non existant blogs appearing in your cache supercache and blogs folders.
  • Only create blogs cached directories if valid requests and blogs exist.
  • Only clear current blog’s cache files if navigation menu is modified
  • Added clean_post_cache action to clear cache on post actions
  • Removed garbage collection details on Contents tab
  • Added wp_cache_check_mobile cacheaction filter to shortcircuit mobile device check.
  • Don’t delete cache files for draft posts
  • Added action on wp_trash_post to clear the cache when trashed posts are deleted
  • Show a warning when 304 browser caching is disabled (because mod_rewrite caching is on)
  • New check for safe mode if using less that PHP 5.3.0
  • Added wp_supercache_remove_cookies filter to disable anonymous browsing mode.
  • Fixed garbage collection schedule dropdown
  • Fixed preload problem clearing site’s cache on “page on front” sites.
  • Fix for PHP variable not defined warnings
  • Fixed problem refreshing cache when comments made as siteurl() sometimes didn’t work
  • Preloading of taxonomies is now optional
  • Domain mapping fixes.
  • Better support for https sites. Remove https:// to get cache paths.
  • Added AddDefaultCharset .htaccess rule back in and added an option to remove it if required.
  • Added multisite plugin that adds a “Cached” column to Network->Sites to disable caching on a per site basis.
  • Added WPTouch plugin to modify browser and prefix list in mobile detection code. Added support for that plugin’s exclude list.
  • Fixed cache tester
  • Filter the tags that are used to detect end-of-page using the wp_cache_eof_tags filter.
  • Removed debug level from logging as it wasn’t helpful.
  • Removed mention of wp-minify.

As ever, the support forum is the best place to go for help as I monitor it all the time. Before you post there use Google to search for any error strings and use the debug system in the plugin as it will probably tell you what’s going on.

5 thoughts on “WP Super cache 1.1

  1. Hello,

    I’ve tried several of those “object cache” plugins with Xcache on my server.

    However if I enable the option in WP Super Cache that supports object cache, I get this error:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function xcache_unset_by_prefix() in /home/technigh/technightowl.com/radio/wp-content/plugins/tribe-object-cache/lib/xcache/object-cache.php on line 177

    So is there something in Xcache or any of those plugins that is causing this? Plain English answers always help.


      1. Well, I had been hoping there would be a simple fix. On the other hand, if one is using an object cache plugin, doesn’t that perhaps reduce the need for WP Super Cache? Isn’t that just having one cache fighting with another cache?


  2. Hi Donncha, Thanks for the site-saving plugin! Just to give my feedback on version 1.1. I get rather bizarre results.

    In my local machine, I use WPTouch Pro and checked the Mobile Device Support (under Advanced) and enabled WPTouch (under Plugins). This works well and I can see that cached pages are served by looking at the source of the web pages.

    In my production site, I also have WPTouch Pro and also checked the Mobile Device Support (under Advanced) and enabled WPTouch (under Plugins).

    But this time, desktop version of the site is served. However, when I disabled WPTouch under Plugins (but Mobile Device Support is still checked) , caching works.

    I’m not quite sure why it happens this way.

  3. Dude Domain mapping rocks. I searched high and low for a solution, have to break down and ask an expert – have any suggestions for this, or perhaps write a plugin and I’ll fax over a keg of guiness? Or put you up when you take the tyke to Disneyland in Los Angeles.

    Anyway, the goal is Multiple Blogs, one userbase. Posts and content etc. should be separate as usual (avoiding duplicate content issues…), and I saw http://striderweb.com/nerdaphernalia/features/virtual-multiblog/ – but don’t think that’ll work as the sites have very different settings.

    Ideally a plugin is upgrade protection, but it’s going to have to hook pretty deep into fuctions.

    Any suggestions short of actual modification to WPMU’s core?

    Roger in LA

    Other keywords to help some other humans:
    WPMU unified userbase
    Wordpress MU single userbase
    Multiple blogs one userbase

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