WordPress MU 1.2.5

A new release of WordPress MU, the multi-user, multi-blog version of WordPress is now available.

This is a security release to address issues brought to our attention by Alexander Concha who I must thank for his unfailing patience while we sorted out this release.

Edit: this release is based on WordPress 2.2.3. Unfortunately a last minute bug crept in where post titles looked like post slugs when viewed on your blog. I quickly rolled together a new minor release, 1.2.5a which has an updated wpmu-functions.php. The download page has been updated too. If you have already updated your install, all you have to do is go to this page and download a new wpmu-functions.php and place it in your wp-includes directory. Apologies for the mix up!

Edit 2: I forgot to mention yesterday that a lot of the functions that were in the files in mu-plugins/ have been moved into wp-includes/wpmu-functions.php so move those files out of the way if you get errors about functions already existing. As stated previously on the forum, kses.php is synced with the one in WordPress which means class and id will be stripped from posts. If you’re happy for your users to use the class and id tag attributes then the following function will come in handy. Put it in mu-plugins/kses.php where it will be activated automatically.

function addabitofclass( $tags ) {
    global $allowedposttags;
    foreach( $allowedposttags as $tag => $attr ) {
        $attr[ 'class' ] = array();
        $attr[ 'id' ] = array();
        $allowedposttags[ $tag ] = $attr;
    return $allowedposttags;
add_filter( 'edit_allowedposttags', 'addabitofclass' );

The observant among you will notice I forgot to assign the result of the filter in wp-includes/kses.php. This has since been fixed but it was too late for this release. Making it a global in the function above was a suitable work around.