What's this WordPress.com thing anyway?

Lots of people are asking about WordPress.com, fortunately for them there has been lots said about it already, both on the wp-hackers list, and on the WPMU blog. Usually without much feedback which I have found strange, but there you go!
The question comes up on IRC frequently, and here’s what I said a short while ago:

<donncha> it’s just WordPress.. if you already run a WordPress blog then you know a lot about what WordPress.com will be 🙂

It’s that, but also more. WordPress.com is going to be a great site and a shining example of what can be built on GPL software!

6 thoughts on “What's this WordPress.com thing anyway?

  1. There’s one thing I’m a bit disappointed about : the admin interface of blogs in WP.com is way too, errr, ‘weakened’, sorry for not finding a more relevant word. I feel like having a user level of 2, not an admin one.
    In comparison, the admin interface of blogsome (also WP powered) is much more complete.

  2. I tried WPMU and I never got it installed right. I watched a video on some of the things that can be done with MU it’s to bad I couldn’t get it to work right. It may be my server. I’m okay with the regular WP system, but makes uploading files and plugins tedious if you’re using sub-domains or sub-directories.

  3. I am really frustrated. I am using bluehost.com which has been very good to help, but I keep losing parts of my dashboard. Does anyone know how to restore it? At present, I only get Profile and Tools.

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