What's this thing anyway?

Lots of people are asking about, fortunately for them there has been lots said about it already, both on the wp-hackers list, and on the WPMU blog. Usually without much feedback which I have found strange, but there you go!
The question comes up on IRC frequently, and here’s what I said a short while ago:

<donncha> it’s just WordPress.. if you already run a WordPress blog then you know a lot about what will be 🙂

It’s that, but also more. is going to be a great site and a shining example of what can be built on GPL software!

By Donncha

Donncha Ó Caoimh is a software developer at Automattic and WordPress plugin developer. He posts photos at In Photos and can also be found on Twitter.

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There’s one thing I’m a bit disappointed about : the admin interface of blogs in is way too, errr, ‘weakened’, sorry for not finding a more relevant word. I feel like having a user level of 2, not an admin one.
In comparison, the admin interface of blogsome (also WP powered) is much more complete.

[…] Yes, you read it correctly. If you are familiar with WordPress, they were and still dot org and not com. But this is not a hoax since I read about it on Matt’s blog and he has announced it on Blog Business Summit about his wordpress dot com blog. What’s been on everyone’s mind is “What is this?”. Is WordPress go commercial? Darren Rowse wrote about rumor that this is intended to compete with Six Apart’s Typepad. So they decided to make a hosted blog service with WP platform. Hey, then what’s with, Blogsome and Blogthing. They provided blog service with WP too. Are they going to be any different? One thing for sure, for now they have limited the access to use by using the GMail-like invitation system. Others who also write about this and I somehow found and read are: Donncha, Phoenixrealm, Exit 171, Abdul, and many more who just can wait to get a hand on a (free?) blogging service with WP in it. Count me in. […]

I tried WPMU and I never got it installed right. I watched a video on some of the things that can be done with MU it’s to bad I couldn’t get it to work right. It may be my server. I’m okay with the regular WP system, but makes uploading files and plugins tedious if you’re using sub-domains or sub-directories.

I am really frustrated. I am using which has been very good to help, but I keep losing parts of my dashboard. Does anyone know how to restore it? At present, I only get Profile and Tools.

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