I'm in San Francisco, luggage is in London

Thanks BA, this is the second time I’ve flown to San Francisco, and it’s the second time my luggage has been delayed in London. Notice a pattern? Don’t you like my name? Grrr. My luggage is supposed to be delivered tomorrow night to the hotel, but i need to do some shopping this afternoon for essentials.

On a lighter note, almost all of Automattic are downstairs in the lobby and it’s good to finally meet many of them! Mark and I had an uneventful flight, and even fixed or discussed a few bugs on the way! Desktop Tower Defense is no easier at 36,000ft than it is at sea level however. Oh well!

See you all at WordCamp!

Overdue update! Luggage was delivered around 4am on Saturday morning so I picked up the case and had a change of clothes just in time for WordCamp!

23 thoughts on “I'm in San Francisco, luggage is in London

  1. British Airways (airlines?) is just trying to arm you with blog post topics, prior to WordCamp. You wouldn’t want to show up without original content, would you?

  2. I am English, live in Cambridge and travel to USA frequently. I would never fly with British Airways, I actually use US airlines. BA are quite useless, especially if you fly from Heathrow as there are major baggage delays.

  3. i recall that 15 years ago, we landed in miami (ready to hit the florida keys), whilst our baggage was still at LHR.
    thus we were entitled to purchase clothing and other stuff at 100 $ each and have the tab picked up by BA.
    on the downside:we’ve lost one day while waiting for the baggage.
    but i guess one could make a profit out of flying BA by packing the absolute essentials in the board luggage, then do some shopping at BA’s expense while leaving a forwarding address for the baggage to be delivered to the next destination 😉

  4. I do a LOT of travelling, and if you are going between London and San Francisco, you need to fly Virgin. Really. BA is useless, almost as bad as SAS, when it comes to losing luggage.

    I do hope they find your baggage before you have to go home again.


  5. Geez. I’d never fly BA again, after the trouble in 2005. Their unions are unreliable, and wildcat strikes are a huge problem. Usually, they happen at peak season, too. When most people are already booked and can’t change.

    I used to like BA in the late 90’s as they flew direct to HRW from Taipei. But their service was cut, in frequency, quality and reliability.

    Can’t see why it’s called the world’s favorite airline…? It certainly isn’t.

  6. I think everyone who, like me, is still waiting for baggage from London Heathrow flying British Airways a week after landing at destination should get together for a class action. This is an outrage, BA. And it’s time someone started such action for the financial, emotional and psychological damage you do to customers. If you cannot handle all the baggage, stop paying ridiculous salaries to executive mismanagement and hire some more baggage handlers. You are a disgrace to IATA.

  7. I have just flown with BA into London and my suitcase got lost and it was ment to get delivered to me the next day, 6 days later it final turned up and spending so many hours on the phone trying to get through to them as the website would not work. Well done BA your Useless !!

  8. Last time I went on holiday, I flew with BA. It was terrible.

    He kept shouting “You crazy fool, I ain’t getting on no plane!”

    Hope your luggage comes home with ya!

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