The strange tale of the Brita water filter

It was a dark and stormy night. Thunder rolled over the land and lightning shot from the sky incinerating trees, cars and unlucky people caught out in the worst storms since records began. Out of the dark came a hulking shape. It was transparent, and water sloshed from side to […]


Philips DVD-R610 DVD Recorder

I saw the Philips DVD-R610 DVD Recorder in Tesco this evening priced at 249 Euro. I was tempted to buy but decided to look up reviews instead. Doesn’t look like a good buy at all! The reviews above are all scathing and negative!


Random Images

I still don’t have a working camera but I do have a camera phone.. The C64 disk drive was called the 1541. When I saw this car in front of me I had to snap it! The recent Sudan Red 1 scare made many more people aware of how our […]

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