Philips DVD-R610 DVD Recorder

I saw the Philips DVD-R610 DVD Recorder in Tesco this evening priced at 249 Euro. I was tempted to buy but decided to look up reviews instead. Doesn’t look like a good buy at all! The reviews above are all scathing and negative!

By Donncha

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I am (not the proud owner) of a Philips DVD recorder and yes it gives lots of trouble, locking up to a point of having to remove the plug and putting it back again in order to get it going, it’s still in warranty and two weeks ago I left it in for repair to the shop where I purchased it, I called only this evening to find out if it had been repaired but was told it had not even left the shop. It is supposed to be collected by a courier which I believe was to be arranged by the repair company in Cork, MF Services is the company in question, so much for the warranty. Now it’s up to me a customer to chase Philips, waste my time and cause unnecessary annoyance. Will I advise anyone to purchase a similar product, what do you think.

I also have the Philips DVD-R610 and agree with your comments. I bought it 3 years ago and only recently set it up. It cuts out frequently when recording. The door for inserting the disc will not open now…..saying blocked on display. This is not what you would expect from Philips. It is now in the waste bin. Unfortunately I did not discover this nearer the purchase date. I would definetely not buy a Philips recorder again.

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