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I still don’t have a working camera but I do have a camera phone..

The C64 disk drive was called the 1541. When I saw this car in front of me I had to snap it!

The recent Sudan Red 1 scare made many more people aware of how our food stuffs are made from ingredients from all over the world! This was a sign outside Tesco in Douglas, Cork.

6 thoughts on “Random Images

  1. Sudan 1 isn’t made in Sudan. The colouring is red, and was discovered in the late 1800s. The Sudan is supposed to convey a desert image, thus reinforcing the quality of the red colour. Or something.

  2. Oh, I know it wasn’t made in Sudan. The colouring it was contained in was imported from India. That’s why I said, “ingredients from all over the world”.
    Thanks for the intesting comment! 🙂

  3. Our computer club were the only ones besides the math teacher who could touch the c-64 in our school (I never got one at home – had a TRS80 Model1) and when they got the 1541, it was really cool! Even more so because they bought two!! Thought I’d share the nostalgia with you:)

  4. Are there any decent camera phones on the market yet? When I say decent I mean, one which could save me having to carry my Digital Ixus and offer me good image quality even if it lacks a zoom.

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