What did you think of Angry Birds?

Angry Birds to me is like golf in that it’s more frustrating than fun. However, it’s incredibly rewarding when things go your way in it. I can play something like Cut the Rope – and I did for hours – and get three stars on every level. With Angry Birds, the scoring is a bit to arbitrary for my tastes. I like it, but I feel it would be a better game if it wasn’t so opaque – but that’s me.


Amen! Angry Birds is very frustrating. It’s really a game of chance where you hope that you have the angle of trajectory right. Even if you know how to finish a level there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to.

Give me Cut the Rope or World of Goo any day!


Get Angry Birds for free on Android!

The good people at are now offering Angry Birds as a free download for mobile phones running Android.

The game is ad supported but as far as I can see, adverts appear at the start of the level and don’t appear on each one so they’re not intrusive. Works flawlessly on my Samsung Galaxy S too. Great job!

Oh, you might have to wait a while before downloading. The GetJar website is currently down, but persevere and you’ll get it!

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