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AIDS – Don’t Die of Ignorance

Today is a very important day in world health. December 1st is World Aids Day and each year is dedicated to a different theme. This year’s theme is “Stop AIDS; Keep the Promise – Accountability” and you can find out more about how the theme is chosen and who chooses it on

Irish television viewers will see a “high-profile television campaign warning about the rise of the Aids pandemic in Ireland” over the next few months and that may hopefully encourage people to get tested and improve awareness of the disease according to

Some charities would prefer a softly-softly approach because the viewing public has become immune to distressing scenes but I can’t bear to hear the opening score of the following drink driving advert because of how it ends.

If you’re wondering, bloggers all over the world are talking about AIDS. Get into the conversation and make a difference.

It’s also my birthday today, and in a selfish sort of way, I wish they’d picked another day to raise awareness of AIDS! It’s a bit of a downer hearing about the AIDS epidemic in the media on my birthday, each and every year on this day. I guess the message is getting through, somewhere, hopefully.


See how easily you can get rich?

News this morning is that elected politicians in Ireland “will receive more than €1,000 for every day they sit in the Dáil.” Not bad eh?

“Get Elected” was one of the 30 ways to spend your SSIA on Eddie Hobbs’ show recently. He suggested that investing your €20,000 in an election attempt was a great way to invest your lump sum. Given that a TD will earn more than €103,000 that’s a great investment if you have the hair and height for it!

According to today’s Irish Independent, the average basic wage for a TD will increase to more than €103,000, while a golden handshake, amounting to €4.7m, will be paid to TDs and Senators who lose their seats in next year’s general election.


Choosing a pension

I know, I know, it’s late in the day, but I’m looking at my pension options. I’m self employed and if I start a pension before October 31st the tax I owe for 2005 will be reduced by 42% of the lump sum that I invest. As you can imagine, it’s well worth buying a pension but it’s important to get value for money so I need to choose carefully.

Some links I found:

Who offers the best pension? I imagine that’s like asking, “who is the best football team?” Everyone has their own answer.

Ireland When-in-Ireland

Ni­ Gaeilgeoir Me

I watched the first two episodes of reality tv show, Ni Gaeilgeoir Me tonight. It’s on every night at 10pm for the rest of the week and I’ll probably tune in.
I do have to admit that I fast-forward through it on the Sky+ because I’m not a reality tv fan, but it’s fun to watch. It does help ma ta cupla focail Gaeilge agat but there are subtitles through the recorded bits to help. The speed dating as Gaeilge was brilliant!

I haven’t a clue what the two teachers are saying. That guy from Ulster is practically incomprehensible to me! The presenter, Aoife Ni Thuairisg, is great and she’s easy to understand however!

I think a special mention has to go out to Jenny Kelly and Jeannette Cronin. The former because I wouldn’t be watching it if the Ray D’Arcy show hadn’t got her on it, and the latter because of her infectious laughter throughout interviews!