The 2011 Irish Presidential Ballot

Today Ireland goes to the polls to elect a new president. The job isn’t as important as in other countries, but one of the primary roles of the President is to veto new laws if they are unconstitutional. Nevertheless the election campaign has been downright dirty and negative as the […]


Sorry I missed you Cllr. Dan Fleming

This message from Cllr. Dan Fleming was stuffed into gates all over my estate this evening. I know they only have so much time on their hands but the letter was rolled up tightly and squashed between the bars on our gate and in the gates of other houses. I’d […]


See how easily you can get rich?

News this morning is that elected politicians in Ireland “will receive more than €1,000 for every day they sit in the Dáil.” Not bad eh? “Get Elected” was one of the 30 ways to spend your SSIA on Eddie Hobbs’ show recently. He suggested that investing your €20,000 in an […]


Holding Your Breath?

Who else stayed up late watching the US election commentary and watched the non news unravel? As time passes it looks more likely that Bush will win again and that has serious implications for the left, or perhaps for American society as a whole. Who likes Kerry anyway? At least […]


Paddy Power: Odds on the Election!

As of a few moments ago, these are the prices on both candidates in the US election from 2004 US Presidential Elections Selection Prices George W. Bush (Rep) 4 – 7 John Kerry (Dem) 5 – 4 And, as we approach the election hour, here’s Bush showing his true […]

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