Google Reader Alternatives

Google Reader, an online app that allowed you to read and be notified of updates to blogs like this, will close on July 1st. It’s unlikely that anyone reading this isn’t aware of that but just in case. Export your data now! There are a number of alternatives to Google […]


A really simple way to archive your Tweets

You have a gmail account don’t you? Visit Google Reader now. Click on the “Add a Subscription” button. Type in the web address of your Twitter profile. Mine is http://twitter.com/donncha. Click Add. There is no #5. Since Google Reader doesn’t have the 3,200 post limit that Twitter has you can […]


More blog details from Google Reader

Click on the “Show details” link above your currently selected blog in Google Reader and you get a nice attractive posting and reading frequency graph, as well as the old Subscriber numbers. As you can see, I don’t read The Online Photographer as much as I’d like to!


Google Reader's improved subscription notice

One of the first things I did when I started using Google Reader was finding the bookmarklet to make subscribing to feeds easier. Unfortunately the first few times I used it I didn’t realise I had to click the “Subscribe” button in the Reader interface. It was hidden away in […]

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