Why not let Google filter your spam?

I’ve been running Spamassassin and Postgrey on my mail server for the past few months. It was only since the server was upgraded that I had enough juice to run the very intensive SA processes (even using spamd), but still on occasion the server would grind to a stop when a particularly nasty Rumpelstiltskin attack was underway.

So, last week I met Mark for a coffee and he showed me his Nokia N90 (or N80, I can’t remember) and the gmail app that was installed on it. He collects his gmail email on his phone, after it’s filtered for spam, and what with the cost of GPRS data, that’s quite a saving. I don’t intend reading my email on my phone (I hate my W810i anyway), but he did give me the idea of sending my email through Google and then popping it off into Thunderbird!


Now, I have a simple .forward to send on my email. I was able to shut down Postgrey and Spamassassin and email is delivered quickly and with few false positives or spams getting through. When I think of it, I can use the web interface to check what’s due to come down the line. You also get the added bonus of encrypted pop3 data, useful when you’re at a conference or simply on public wifi.

I’m sure everyone else has been doing this for ages and ages but hopefully this will inspire at least one person to follow suit and rid themselves of spam once and for all!

11 thoughts on “Why not let Google filter your spam?

  1. Very nice. I am a heavy gmail user. There a couple of types of spam/phishing emails that always seem to fool the Goog: ironically, me winning the irish lottery, and I can’t think of the other right now.

  2. I’ve never been that impressed with their email filtering and their record with regard to spam coming from their servers is deplorable


  3. I have been using this function since I know that Gmail can forward email to any email accounts. And I love the feature very much. So, goodbye spammers…

  4. I use gmail for my catch all email addresses filtering, and have a label all mails with the TO address for “*@mydomain.ie”. It’s found quite a few emails that normally I wouldn’t have the time to look for, when someone spells paul wrong 🙂

  5. Yup…I’ve been porting my Gmail to Thunderbird for quite awhile now and leaving a copy online of course for backup. My blog’s main email address in my WP install is the one that’s attached to this comment. So far all Google hasn’t missed a single spam yet. One thing you have to make sure of is to check your Gmail online on a regular basis since I’ve had a couple legit emails that got caught in the spam filter. Luckily, Gmail appears to learn from it’s mistakes much as Akismet does although it may take a couple of times.

    Can’t complain. Hope you got your luggage. 😉

  6. Gmail’s spam filtering for me has been excellent. Rarely are there false positives, and rarely does spam get through. When it does it’s usually 419 scam letters from Africa which might have been sent manually.

  7. Before this I was using Yahoo Mail, but then a friend told me about Gmail. Gmail is a lot easier to manage especially with the deature that you can send an email with any of your other email addresses. It keeps things simple and we don’t have to login to multiple websites.

  8. I’ve been using this technique for months, but I continue to use my regular e-mail addresses. I just have each of my other e-mail accounts forward to my Gmail account, and have Mail.app check my Gmail account via POP. I’m essentially using Gmail as a spam filter.

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