An Irishman in Georgia

Gavin is in Telavi in Western Georgia. Not the first place in the world I’d go on holiday, but he’s having an interesting time, including almost being arrested.

The naval base at Poti, where Russian soldiers destroyed most of Georgia’s navy

2 thoughts on “An Irishman in Georgia

  1. That’s a brilliant photo! For many reasons, most not obvious!

    I’m having a gander at his Flickr stream now and it’s well worth having a look see.

    Thanks for bringing it to my attention Donncha.

  2. I saw the title to this post and thought for a moment you might be visiting here in Savannah. Dang those early Americans and their uncreative place names.

    I’m with you Donncha. Don’t think I’d pick a recent war zone as a vacation spot.

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