The best way to test new WordPress themes

  1. Download the Theme Tester plugin for WordPress, install and activate it.
  2. Download themes from (or maybe not, see Adam’s comment below!) and try them out without annoying your visitors by changing themes on them.

My new Theme Tester plugin allows you to change themes and view the results without the visitors to your blog seeing any changes.
There is one cavaet. Your visitors may notice some changes if your current theme uses blog options that a new theme overwrites. This could happen if for example you’re testing a newer version of your current theme or testing a theme based on the same engine as your current theme. The K2 theme springs to mind here because it’s the base for several other themes but YMMV.

I used the plugin already when I trawled the themes sites and the archives at Weblog Tools Collection for a new theme for this place. As you can guess if you’re a regular visitor, I haven’t changed theme yet, but I found a couple of very pretty designs that may make an appearance here eventually.


Css, Printer Friendly Pages & Page Breaks

I’m working on a user list at work, and one requirement is a printer friendly version, listing one user per page. What I’ve done in the past is have the user click on a button to download a .doc file with End Of Page characters embedded in it. Word would oblige by skipping to a new page.
I decided for this application I wanted to go the CSS route to printing.
All the “Printer Friendly Pages with CSS” tutorials were useless when it came to inserting page breaks, but after a bit of searching on Google (mainly because I didn’t use the term ‘page break’) but I eventually came across this thread on devshed.

<P ID=”break”>some content</P>

This will print a page break after the text some content!
Now I have a really nice web based list of users, and hitting print on the browser produces a neat pile of pages, one user per page.
I also found a bug in Mozilla Firebird! While in “Print Preview” mode, refresh the page using ctrl-r. It’ll bring up the original page but will keep the browser in the preview mode! Yes, I’ll take a look in Bugzilla for it tomorrow. I’m off home now!


URL trail -> -> …

URL trail -> -> Flangy -> Web Graphics -> ~cac6982, finally! There’s over 20 examples of using CSS style sheets to alter the look and layout of a site here. Worth looking at it.

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