Action Replay? Coding demos the hard way..

It looks like Justin and myself have something in common. I coded all my C64 assembly stuff – demos, games and tools, using the Datel Action Replay. Actually, I still have it at home. It survived the binning of my C64 last year!
I still remember when I wanted to move a chunk of code from one area of memory to another I’d display the code on-screen, type the new address over the first line and hit RETURN over each of the following lines to renumber them.
Ah, them were the days!

C64 Game Fans?

Damn, when someone visited by searching for Godian Tomb on Google I just had to go look for it myself.. and I found lots more too, even Mr Robot although something tells me it won’t hold quite the same attraction as it did over 10 years ago.
If only I could play it on a decent portable device! The keyboard on my 7650 is fairly knackered from playing Stunt Car Racer, oops! Can anyone suggest a pda with a good C64 emulator? Not as if I have the money for it, mind, but one can always dream eh?
Much Later… I’m just after trying out Gordian Tomb and the version on that site is one I know very well… I coded the “crack” intro on it! Wow, that must have been some 14 or more years ago! I wonder how they got that copy?

Edit on 09/12/2008. Bah. is gone. All links removed.

Java C64 Games!

yay! Loads of old games here! You can play them through a Java C64 emulator! Maybe I should setup something similar for the C64 demos? I can hardly imagine them working well enough although it looks like plenty of C64 features have been implemented!
/me goes to install the JRE!

Cherry Blossom Girl – C64 rip off?

Has anyone else beside myself and Proinnsias noticed that the beginning of Cherry Blossom Girl by Air sound very like a famous C64 tune? I don’t think so, as even Google hasn’t been very helpful!

Ah.. no wonder, it’s the radio mix, not the album version. I am trying desperately to remember what C64 game it came from.. It’s on the tip of my tongue but just out of reach!
Any C64 fans care to help? Listen to the radio remix of the tune. The first 3-5 seconds or so sound very synthy with the ping, ping, ping sound.

GEOS Available for Download!

This is so cool! I must take a look at this later. Of course, I only know one person who used GEOS, and he used it to write his letters when we swapped demo disks all of 10 years or more ago.. Hmm, knowing my hoarding abilities, I probably still have them at home somewhere. Slashdot has plenty of comments and links!

So somebody *did* get that leaked NT code to compile?