Armalyte 2009

Armalyte This game should need no introduction to Commodore 64 fans, but for the rest, Armalyte is one of the best shoot ’em ups on that amazing home computer.
The great news is that it’s finally seeing an officially approved remake from Psytronik in the UK. It’s due out later this year. Check out the following video for a taste of what’s to come. I hate to use this word, but all I could think of was, “Awesome!” when I watched it.
Did you notice they fixed the 3D bug in the main menu?

There’s more! Last week Gabe McGrath got in touch and told me he interviewed the three guys behind the remake: Stuart Collier, Trevor ‘Smila’ Storey and Chris ‘Infamous’ Bailey. It’s an entertaining and interesting read. Nice screenshots of each version side by side.
I didn’t know Retro Gamer had published a “making of” article on the original game. Must go dig out the RG DVD to read it.

Fingers crossed they decide to do a Mac or Linux version. Please don’t make me reboot into Windows just to play a game!

Many years ago I mentioned Armalyte here when I rediscovered emulators and an active online C64 scene. Still active!

6 thoughts on “Armalyte 2009

  1. Sweet update but it’s amazing how empty the screen looks today compared with most of the “Bullet Hell” style shoot ’em ups out there.

    If you have a Dreamcast, PS2 or Gamecube you should definitely check out “Ikaruga”, “Gigawings 2”, “R-Type Final” and “Gradius V” for some button mashing and finger twitching.

    Now to find those old copies of “IO” and “Blood Money” …

  2. Great remake… and I like the word “awesome.” Graphics are impressive. Takes you back, doesn’t it? lol

  3. Cool! I remember Armalyte. It is one of my old favorites. I am glad to see they brought it back.

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