Games Inspired by Music

Boing Boing recently ran a games inspired by music competition and a few of the entries were posted yesterday. Almost all will run in your browser, some are flash, some HTML5, and some unfortunately require other plugins to run.

I’m downloading Sean Monahan’s game, Beat Boost (entry page) at the moment but there’s also Knife Attack, Flatwar, Space Junk, Arctic Trek, Gobber Assault, Bounty Hunter and Infiltration.


Crook gets his

michaelcrook01.pngMichael Crook is a shady character who convinced men on Craiglist to reveal photos and personal sexual information about themselves which he published afterwards to embarrass them. He sent a fake DMCA notice Boing Boing in an attempt to stop them publishing a photo of him but they’re laughing at him. Others have now taken up the cause including Thomas Hawk and Fark have a great photoshop contest! Thomas points out that his his real name could be “Scott Vogel”.

The DMCA is supposed to be used for copyright infringement, and he is being sued by the EFF for improperly using it for trying to silence critical sites. Good luck to them!

It’s great when a bully gets what’s coming to him.