Crook gets his

michaelcrook01.pngMichael Crook is a shady character who convinced men on Craiglist to reveal photos and personal sexual information about themselves which he published afterwards to embarrass them. He sent a fake DMCA notice Boing Boing in an attempt to stop them publishing a photo of him but they’re laughing at him. Others have now taken up the cause including Thomas Hawk and Fark have a great photoshop contest! Thomas points out that his his real name could be “Scott Vogel”.

The DMCA is supposed to be used for copyright infringement, and he is being sued by the EFF for improperly using it for trying to silence critical sites. Good luck to them!

It’s great when a bully gets what’s coming to him.

The Skype Honeypot

The Register reports that a Skype user has software that masquerades as a female ready to chat. What it in fact does is puts whoever calls in contact with each other. Each guy thinks the other is a hot female looking for some cybersex!
The Skype Whores site has transcripts of typical conversations and the Reg article above has one particularly funny one to read!
Ah yes, isn’t the Internet great?

tits and sex – more more more!

fuzzix posted a great rant about how silly and stupid the furour over the GTA Hot Coffee mod is. Players go around beating up the police, breaking into houses and other nastiness involving prostitutes and baseball bats. Yet, when a nipple is spied all hell breaks loose, US Senators go into fits, and people all over the world are tut-tutting the irresponsible publishers of the game! Ha! Bloody mad!
Don’t forget, there’s a lovely tit on In Photos. Any idea what kind it is?

Breaking News – Risk-taking boys do not get the girls

Following on from my previous look at men, women and cars. Rebecca also pointed at this story: Risk-taking boys do not get the girls!

WHETHER it’s driving too fast, bungee-jumping or reckless skateboarding, young men will try almost anything to be noticed by the opposite sex. But a study of attitudes to risk suggests that the only people impressed by their stunts are other men.

But hey, if you want to impress the guys… 🙂

Relationships: Speed up, dear or you'll run out of testosterone

While on the general topic of cars, here’s a laughable Sunday Times article from the Driving section. Do they think their readership is composed of car mad neanderthal, testoserone overflowing males?
I for one would love to be driven around, by anyone.

Passion in a marriage can be killed when a woman gives too many driving instructions to a man. And when women are driving men around all the time you can bet that couple are not having much sex any more – that behaviour doesn’t foster increasing testosterone, which is part of the attraction between a man and a woman.

9 Songs – sex, sex and more sex!

Some crowd are looking to ban 9 Songs from Ireland. I haven’t seen it and I don’t think I will either. It doesn’t sound like a very interesting film. Here’s some shots from the film, and a linked trailer, although it’s in Realplayer format and I CBA going to the trouble of watching it!

Plot Outline: In between attending rock concerts, two lovers meet for intense sexual encounters.