The JXD A1000 Arrived!

Tweets have been flying around all day as people get their shiny new iPads but the postman delivered something I was looking forward to for a few weeks.

Yes, the JXD A1000 arrived this afternoon. I tried a few games and videos on it and it works quite well! The bundled 720p trailers were a bit jumpy but lower resolution DVD rips were fine.

The GBA games I tried, F-Zero and Rayman Origins (original carts in the attic) played perfectly and it’s a pleasure to play them on a decent screen! The original GBA screen is notoriously dark.

The screen is huge, the sound is loud, controls are great with even a small nipple joystick that works in GBA games.

Not many things to complain about except for the fiddly volume control and how to exit a game or save/load state (press the power button briefly to bring up a small menu).
The instruction manual is written in Chinese which is a bit of a pain too and it’s impossible to charge it from a USB port and play a game/video at the same time. I’m sure you can plug it into a wall socket and it’ll be fine though.

Battery will probably be a problem too as it’s built in. I’m sure I’ll end up taking the thing apart and searching for a replacement when it starts to wear down.

Also, the device includes a couple of games and pictures that I’m quite sure haven’t been licensed…

Still, a great way to play old GBA, NES and SNES in a handheld and cheap too. I was rudely reminded that games back then were a lot harder than games nowadays and my son briefly tried to touch the screen in attempt to use the GUI. No, this isn’t a touch screen device!
It’s on sale at Focalprice where I bought it. Shipping takes a while but it’s cheap and very cheerful.

By Donncha

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sweet m8…yip in my day the games were pure hardcore, try going back and play manic-miner or chucky egg on the zx specrtum. Kids have got it easy!

I have this product on its way to me house for my birthday. I have not been successful in finding a lot of support forums online about the A1000 model. But based off the information you posted here, this thing looks like what I want (SNES,NES, CGA,GBC,CG, and Sega Genesis). If only this thing would play PS1 games, then I would be set for life.

I had a Dingoo A300 until I dropped it, and killed it. Loved that thing, but this looks like it has a much bigger screen, and a smaller pricetag.

I have a JXD S7800B from and it can run 16 emulator games such as GB/A/C,N64,CPS,DNS,SEGA,MAME,PS1 etc. I really love this device. I am now a fan of JXD game handhelds.

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