I think you will get a positive view from the b2c pc platoon sir. I do agree that bfbc2 had some epic game nights for the clan (sheds a tear for those fri night skirmishes!). Any night of the week is bf3 night and you are guaranteed a squad from b2c as well as our friendlies (ETU). We have our own Teamspeak server so comms are easy and always part of our game. We also now have our own BF3 server thanks to Ravecoolr. Its early days for bf3 and the PC Platoon and a few of our members have signed up to the ESL (Electronic Sports League) and are in practice for competitive matches. Once again thanks to Ravecoolr we will soon have our new b2c website up and running with features that will grow the clan and bf3 into perhaps the game it should be….so don’t give up just yet! like life, gaming is what you make it and at times we all need a bit of direction…that is all 🙂