I was so close in buying a new rig to play BF3 and I’m so glad I didn’t, what a let down that would have been. Just a shame to see a game that had potential go down the tubes with everyone that I know.

I’m close to hanging up this game for good for a lot of reasons but recently it comes down to the professionalism shown by some Dice employees on Twitter. I hate companies that treat customers like fools and that’s what its starting to feel like now.

Anyhow, I’m glad I’m not throwing all my time towards one single game which is why I stop playing Skyrim even though its such an excellent game. Saints Row The Third just had me laughing from start to finish, what a gem of a game.

Looking through the releases for 2012 I think its going to be a very cheap year for me unless of course I go mad on Steam which I have already done.